Celebrating International Women’s Day

DCO’s Women’s Platform on the occasion of International Women’s Day, with the participation of a group of civic organizations in the city of Sulaimaniyah, and with the participation of the activist, Ms. (Rezan Shex Dler), a counselor at the Women’s Political Bureau (YNK)  Organized an activity for international women day. 

During the event, Ms. Razan presented clarifications about the activities and goals for which the festival was held. After her speech, Ms. Amal Jalal, Director of the Supreme Council of Women, and Ms. Nadra Nasif, Global Schooling System) also had their speech by providing words And their observations on the challenges faced by women and the difficulties they face in their daily life. the activity included: Distributing roses and flowers to Taxi drivers. With providing roses and flowers. drivers were required to consider themselves honest brothers as their treatment of their mothers and sisters with the traveling women who accompany them in their vehicles without interfering in their personal affairs, asking questions, or asking for their phone numbers.  After the festival, the participant women delivered the roses to the taxi drivers.
Special thanks to the participants and the media which were broadcasting the news.

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