Dialogue and Culture Organization

Power is born from the agreement, life from unity and happiness from the brotherhood, toward common thinking, common ground, and global dialogue.

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Our Values


Forming a bridge between Iraq and the world for applying love, dialogue, living together, and other universal values.


Bringing together bureaucrats, journalists, representatives from different cultures and religions, businessmen, and opinion leaders in order to form bridges of love, forgiveness, pluralism, dialogue, and empathy between Kurdistan and the world under the umbrella of respecting differences and universal values.

Aims of Dialogue & Culture Organization

DCO is inspired by the belief that individuals with different ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic backgrounds and legacies can exchange views on an open and respectful basis of mutual understanding and respect between them.

We aim for a lively and open society that serves all of us without black white, long-short, rich-poor and embraces all its inhabitants in full respect of human rights

We aim to bring together people who have played a role in different layers of society such as politicians, artists and athletes, and who feel themselves to belong to different social and cultural structures and to create a wealth of actual and theoretical from this association

We want to contribute to the formation of a social agreement, which is founded on different democratically practices, consisting of different religions, languages, races

Dialogue & Culture Organization aims to create dialogue environments that allow to prevent the formation of ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural distinctions and to bring people together in the common denominator of being human

Dialogue & Culture Organization strongly believes in creating a society in which we can live together as equal individuals with our DCO dignity

Dialogue & Culture Organization aims to bring people from abroad to the country where they are in the financial means and objectives, and to bring people from abroad to the region where they can build an understanding bridge between Kurdistan and abroad

Dialogue & Culture Organization rejects cultural, religious or linguistic discrimination in any way, and places itself completely outside of these discrepancies

Dialogue & Culture Organization rejects all understandings and formations that act by referring to the severity and is, at any rate, far from this conception or formation

Principles of Dialogue & Culture Organization

We think that love, respect, dialogue, and solidarity between different religions, languages, ethnicities, fractions, and respecting human rights are only possible through cooperative work between NGOs.

Human is the center of our works and activities.

Dialogue & Culture Organization, on the condition of not threatening the freedom of opinion, is always open toward discussing issues concerning society and for this reason organizes seminars and meetings.

Dialogue & Culture Organization always supports positive action and stands against all kinds of activities that lead to chaos.

Every kind of thinking and activity deserves to be respected when it remains within the boundaries of universal values unless it engages in extremism.

Dialogue & Culture Organization works to preserve the Kurdistan’s culture and to keep its traditions alive, organizes activities to raise public awareness.

Dialogue & Culture Organization regards; Power is born from agreement, life from unity and happiness from brotherhood, as its starting point.

Dialogue & Culture Organization works according to the principle; The value of truth is too high to be sacrificed for anything else.

Goals of DCO

We are working on four UN Goals (Quality Education, Gender Equality, Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions) to impact society at the local and international levels.

Our Team

Our team is working hard to improve society, and we consider it our duty to serve the community.

Mohammed Latif


Chra Abdullah

Project Manager

Rezhin Arf

HR Manager

Noor Mohammed

Administration&Finance Manager

Hevar Mohammed

Communication Manager

Mardhia Huusein

Grant Writter

Dr. Areen Ahmed

Chairperson of the Academic Board

Azhi Jabar Ahmed