Panel: Elimination violence against women – from the reason for the solution.

In International Week of Violence against Women, DCO, in collaboration with the EPA, organized a panel entitled “elimination of violence against women – from reason to solution “.The panel focused on the causes of violence against women socially, psychologically, legally, politically and religiously. Furthermore, each of the five respected panelists analyzed the issue and presented their own opinions and suggestions for a solution. It’s worth mentioning that the General Consul of the United States of America also gave his speech about the importance of such panels and how to step further to eliminate any violence in the community toward women.

1- Prof. Dr. Alia Mustafa Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
2- Mr. Karzan Abdel-Fadel. Legal Consultant
3- Mrs. Sheno Osman… Civic Activist
4- Mr. Dr. Mohamed Benjwini… PhD in Islamic Thought
5- Mr. Nashmil Rasul… Psychiatrist

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