“Spouses Culture Protects Family from Destruction”

On 29/1/2022, the Dialogue and Culture Organization, in collaboration with the Peace Ambassadors Network in Iraq and the Law Department of Jihan University, sponsored by Rudaw Media, organized a panel entitled “Spouses Culture Protects Family from Destruction” the panelists:

  • Judge Kamaran Rasul Saeed (judge of personal status court)
    M. Najmuddin Qadir (president of Kurdistan Islamic Religious Scholars Union- Sulaymaniyah branch)
    Dr Nuri Hama Saeed (lecturer at Jihan University – Law Department)
    Dr Susan Osman (teacher in the law department at Sulaymaniyah University)
    The topics discussed in the panel were:
  • The practical factors that lead to an increase in divorce rates and how to treat them.
  • The decree of divorce in Islam and the role of fatwa committees in reducing the rate of divorce
  • Legal reasons for the increase in divorce rates and how to solve them
    Women’s Rights in the separation case

Finally, we thank the panelists and participants very much and wish them continued success. We hope that this arranged panel will have lots of benefits in protecting and keeping the family alive.

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