A Symposium entitled “Preserving Manners of Difference in Opinion and Coexistence in Kurdish Society”

The Dialogue and Culture Organization, in collaboration with the International Tishk University in Sulaymaniyah, the College of Islamic Sciences of Sulaymaniyah University, and the General Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Endowment, organized a symposium entitled “Preserving Manners of Difference in Opinion and Coexistence in Kurdish Society”, which was attended by 400 individuals.

The program consisted of two panels as follows:

First Panel:

  • Prof. Dr. Sabah Mohammed Barznji discussed the topic of defining difference in opinion and its causes, highlighting the difference between difference in opinion and division.
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdulla Penjweni presented on the rejection of separation and its positive impact on social relations and social security from the perspective of the Risale-i Nur.
  • The director of the first panel was Abdulsameea Zrar Mohammed.

Second Panel:

  • Prof. Dr. Karim Sharif Qarachatani spoke on the topic: “God has made us different, why don’t we accept each other?”
  • Dr. Shaxawan Karim Saaed addressed the basic principle of difference in opinion and the treatment of great scholars (ulama) under the light of the Qur’an and Sunna.
  • .Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahdi Qadr presented on establishing the principle of coexistence and considering the differences between religions and different paths in Islam, reflecting it in Kurdish society.
  • The director of the second panel was Assist. Prof. Dr. Fadil Mahmmod Qadr.

Thank you very much to the guests who participated in the symposium, and we hope that it will be a useful event and fill a gap in the community.

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