Series of workshops for youths people (Road Lights)

The Dialogue and Culture Organization, in partnership with (Women’s Leadership Academy Organization) and (Labor Development Center) of Sulaymaniyah University, organized a series of workshops for young people at the University of Sulaymaniyah from various disciplines from (31-10-2019) to (20-2-2020) in a serial basis. The training was given by distinguished teachers, including (Dr. Basma Mohammed) director of the Women’s Leadership Academy Organization, on the subject of (the importance of volunteerism), the second workshop was by (Ms. Talar Nouri), a professor in the Department of Business Administration on the topic of (How to turn your idea into a project), The third workshop was carried out by (Mr. Kordo Jamal), a trainer in the field of career development on the topic (how to promote your own business ) and the fourth and final workshop by (Dr. Suhaib Omid), professor at the University of Human Development on the topic (the self-employment and financial industry). Student turnout was high. We thank all the attendees and professors and wish them success.

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