“Protection of Education from attack”

On September 9 (World Day for the Protection of Education from attack), the Dialogue and Culture Organization hosted a workshop with the participation of 
 Latif Hussein-(Director of Education of Sharbazher)
Professor Narmin Hussein-(Director of the Sulaymaniyah Education Directorate).

Professor Faisal Ibrahim-(Leeds Educational Society Director) 
 Hawbir Hamali-(Director of American Corner-Sulaymaniyah)
Peshawa Hassan-(Head of Chemistry department at Raparin University)
Darnakh Raouf (United Science Colleges’ Deputy General Manager)
Throughout the workshop, these issues were raised and debated:
1-The impact of the teacher’s role on students.
2-The importance of the student’s ability is as important as the academic side.
3- What are the main factors that encourage students to study?
4-The online system’s development.
5-Preparing students for the new educational frameworks.
6-Understanding students by their teachers

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