“How to Protect Individual Rights in the Age of Technology”

On December 9، 2021، On Human Rights Day، the dialogue and culture organization arranged a workshop entitled “How to Protect Individual Rights in the Age of Technology.”
To participate in each of the following:
1-Dr. Abdul Fattah (President of the White Flag Organization)
2-Mr. Karzan Fazel (lawyer and head of the organization)
3-Dr. Halsho Abdulfatah

  1. Mrs. Dlsoz Zangana (Head of supply organization)
    5-Dr. Rebin Ahmed (author)

The following topics were discussed in the workshop:
1-Human Rights in Islam.
2-The role of international conventions on human rights in the protection of human rights.
3-The role of national institutions in protecting human rights
Workers’ rights.
4-The concept of rights between yesterday and today. We thank each personality who attended the workshop and wish them success and continuity.

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