DCO hosted Dutch artist Huba De Graaff for a week.

A memorable week with Huba’s companion
The Dialogue and Culture Organization hosted Dutch artist Huba De Graaff for a week. “She noted that this week was remarkable in Huba’s life since this was the first time she visited this part of the world, and that’s why She was astonished by her trip to the Kurdistan region”. Ms. Huba is a famous Dutch musician and opera, with over 100 music compositions that have attracted the attention of listeners and viewers of her acts globally. Ms. Huba’s works are very different from any musician or opera because she works on normal daily sounds, makes music and operas, and creates many stories about them, leading to their high reputation and success. In 2014, Ms. Huba participated in the TEDx World Program and discussed in detail the creation of music from the typical sounds we hear daily, such as breaking plates and smuggling split sounds, closing doors, etc. During the week that Ms. Huba was a guest of the Dialogue and Culture Organization, she made several essential visits. They included visits to the Zhin center, the Amnasurka Museum, the Kurdish Heritage Institute, and the Sulaymaniyah Provincial Council, meeting with Dr. Haval Abubakr, the governor of Sulaymaniyah. Afterward, she visited the Sulaymaniyah Directorate of Culture, met with the director general of culture and art, and met with several musicians and composers in the city to discuss a joint opera in Sulaymaniyah. During her visits, Ms. Huba visited the Monument in Halabja, where she saw the disaster that had happened to the city of Halabja and the Halabja people by the Ba’athist regime. And then, she met Kakayi’s religious followers and was very pleased with their hospitality. The Dialogue and Culture Organization thanked Ms. Huba for trusting the organization to host her for a week and allowing it to show her Kurdistan Region and the beauty of this country and inform them that the Kurds are good, hospitable, and peaceful people.

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