(Protecting Education from Attack)

On October 18، 2021، the Dialogue and Culture Organization arranged a second workshop in the series of workshops (Protecting Education from Attack) with the participation:

Dr .Salam Abdul Karim Abdulla (Dean of the College of Humanities Education at Sulaymaniyah University- Sayed Sadiq)
Dr. Naema Muhammad Abdulla (university lecturer in art college)
Mr. Mustafa M. Younis (University Lecturer in Architecture Department – Tishk University)
Dr Areen Ahmed Muhammed (University Lecturer and Human Development)
Mr. Dara Anwar Zorab (sociologist and expert in Education)

In the workshop، these essential topics were talked about:
1- The importance of knowledge in universities
2-The three-party participation of the student، teacher, and parents in the Education of the student.
3-The Relationship between Art and Education and Learning in Individual Education in Kurdish Society.
4-The Problem of Awareness and Knowledge in history education
From Blackboard to iPad، why is Education important?
Thanks so much for the presence of these dear doctors، we wish them success and continuity.

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